Natural Agate slice druzy necklace pendant, gold rimmed.  Varies in hues, size, shape and tones.  Comes with durable 24k gold filled chain length 16inches (41cm) and Elemant logo tag in gold attached by the clasp.  Beautifully crafted natural agate stones in highest quality imported from Brazil.
Each necklace arrives in a gray 4*4*1.5in (10*10*3.5cm) beautiful high quality and carefully designed pull out box with shiny embossed logo on front and instagram name on back. Inside is a 3.5*3.5in (9*9cm) lighter gray seude pouch with debossed logo on the band laying on top of a black soft cushion. Our packaging is of the highest quality and comes ready for gift giving.

Druzy pendant necklace

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Druzy Agate provides a veil of total harmony and relaxation. Aligns all the chakras and eliminates stress. Raises vibrations, calms emotions, and assists you on living a loving and balanced life. 

Each Agate pendant varies in size, hues, tones, and shapes and comes with a 14k gold filled chain, length 16inches (41cm) and a gold Elemant logo tag attached by the clasp.

Each pendant comes beautifully wrapped in a carefully designed luxury gift box and suede pouch.